Finding Accommodation in Jeddah

The first question that may be asked before moving abroad, it is the place where the majority of foreigners regroup. In Saudi Arabia, the petrochemical industry helping, foreigners find themselves in big cities and it turns out that Jeddah is part. Second economic powerhouse of the country, it includes thousands of people who have chosen this destination to enrich their professional experience.

The other question that may be asked, essential in fact, examines the way in which they are taken to find their home in Jeddah. The first answer is simple: these people are living through their respective employers, who provide housing, in addition to other compensation, related to their status. Nevertheless those who want a little more freedom, by choosing the apartment or the villa where happen their stay, alone or with their families.

For the first category, that housed employees thanks to their employer - mainly the Japanese, European and Anglo-Saxon-, you will find them in highly secure complex inside Jeddah. These high range subdivisions consist of villas, but especially all the amenities one could need in life every day. Nevertheless, luxury comes at a price, and it may be difficult to hold the budget rate, if the employer simply to pay part of the rent. In the best cases, this last takes all fees his dependants, namely housing, transport and school fees for the children.

The second category, on the other hand, one who prefers to look for its accommodation in Jeddah, can turn to the villas or self-catering apartments, or even change of subdivision. For this last option, it will take between $ 30,000 and $ 50,000 per year. On the side of the apartments, count $ 450 per month in the City Centre of Jeddah for a one bedroom, against 350 dollars, excluding downtown apartment, always for the same type. A three rooms, downtown, is around $ 850, and the $ 600 off downtown. Regarding the independent villas, prices are variable, depending on the services offered, furnishings and equipment.