Why Jeddah is a cosmopolitan city !

Being the commercial lung of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is the second largest city of the country. It is one of the entrance doors on Mecca and Medina, the Holy places of Islam. It is also the Second economic centre of the country. Jeddah is a cosmopolitan city, welcoming many expats who have chosen this destination to enrich their career, particularly in technical and scientific areas.

Living in Jeddah is a privilege for all Muslims because it is at the doors of the two most sacred holy places of Islam: Mecca, city of the Kaaba and the revelation of the Koran, and Medina, the city that hosted the Prophet Mohamed and where is his grave.

In addition, Jeddah is a cosmopolitan city, a beautiful city that is not without assets even if they are not knowingly used. It really deserves its name of "Pearl of the Red Sea". However, as in the Saudi Kingdom life is not easy for a Tunisian accustomed to diversity everywhere and in all freedom. Indeed, the rigors of religious law are present and sometimes in a way that does not leave to amaze.

As everywhere, the first concern is to find where to stay. Jeddah is not difficult. For foreigners, the choice is between the compounds or housing in the city. Westerners choose first because it sets of houses, villas or apartments guarded day and night, sometimes with amenities such as swimming pools, sports halls or simply

convenience stores. Since terrorism has struck in Jeddah in the early 2000s, these compounds are severely kept sometimes by soldiers in fatigues.

Meanwhile, the Arabs choose housing in town whose rents are cheaper and where life is much simpler and easier. With urban development that knows the city, particularly since the events of September 11, 2001, which have forced many Saudis to repatriate their capital from Europe or America for fear of, see them frozen, brand new buildings are mushrooming everywhere, particularly in the new town to the North, especially areas located to the West of the Medina road.