The local housing market in Jeddah has affected dynamic construction, including the construction of housing projects on a large scale. Development companies who sell houses and apartment complexes across the KSA in general and Jeddah in particular, offer the sale of housing which is completely different in quality and in price.

Due to the traditions of Saudi Arabia, and, of course, a vast territory in its major cities, the volume of low-rise housing in the suburbs is much higher than in the countries of South-West Asia. For the suburban property, prices range from three hundred thousand European money (SR 11500), and reach up to several millions. Such amount is necessary to buy villas of luxury on the coast.

If you are going to acquire a part or the property in Saudi Arabia, make sure first to read and know all the modalities that are related to your potential taxes that exist in this country.

Whether in Jeddah, Al Madinah, Mecca or Riad, these taxes are charged to the buyer. Just take into account all the legal details that are associated with the assignment of property by inheritance, as appropriate. Prepare yourself for the fact that it is a lot of information that you need to know when buying a home or commercial property in Jeddah. Shades a lot, but if you try and you do not want to miss some details of the transactions, then you are lucky enough to buy a house or an apartment in Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia.

Very popular are the various villas in KSA and in the big cities such as Jeddah, which are located not only in the cities, mentioned above, but also in several areas bordering the sea. This case is designed for the very rich clients. The monthly rent of a villa is 10-15000 euro (SR 36000- 56000).