Living in Jeddah

Some people in Jeddah are choosing to live in private homes or apartments. You will find them in the luxurious districts, greener ones, but also in some residential areas. It takes a minimum of 5000 SAR for a villa. If you choose a villa, high walls will more often surround it with little or no view of the outside. They are more spacious than those compounds but residing there involves having a driver (or an arrangement with a taxi), because you do not have the bus of the compound. Finally, if you have children, it will be harder for them to meet their friends if these are installed in homes, so the lines will be frequent.

The compounds in Jeddah

The vast majority of expatriates in Jeddah live in the compounds because they are more easily "securable" than villas. Access to a significant number of baffles and guards. There is a hierarchy in the standing of the compounds, but they all work more alternatively, less on the same mode.

They include between 50 and 200 houses (apartments) and identical, only one varies the size of the houses (between two and 6 pieces). The price also varies according to the services that are offered. All the houses in Jeddah are equipped and furnished standard furniture. One can however bring the own effects and ask to the manager to remove what does not suit.

The benefits of the compounds are many, which explains that many Westerners prefer this lifestyle. In the more in-between, share sports equipment are available (pool, tennis, gym...) inhabitants as well as premises that allow having a party for example. You should know that off-compound sport clubs are not mixed (day person-day women) and are few.

These sets are highly sought after by young children who may move from one House to another and to easily find the compounds often offer a small store, which simplifies life in this country where women are not allowed to drive and every day (the compound) buses take them to shop in malls or at the souk. To inquire about departure times and locations at the gate... Disadvantages are inherent in the benefits must be capable of supporting life in "semi-collectivized"; some see it as a Club Med, others as a golden prison. It depends on characters and his mood, with some days and days without.